David wanted the rattas to feel festive as well, so a candy cane garland it is!

David wanted the rattas to feel festive as well, so a candy cane garland it is!

Life has been a touch overwhelming, though, so it was time for a mini-hiatus.The past weekend of silence was unexpected but necessary. Life is good, yes, but there are a lot of new things and scheduling challenges and holiday things to coordinate. It’s no secret to my family and friends that I swing back and forth between hopeful and Scrooge during this season. I’m trying my best to stay festive and I have lots of exciting things planned–handmade personalized gifts for family, handmade Christmas cards from David and I, and maybe even a gingerbread house. Or something. It’s our first Christmas together, so I wanted to come up with something special to do. Something that can become a tradition. Any suggestions?


4 thoughts on “Overwhelmed

  1. Gingerbread houses are pretty awesome and just the kind of artsy thing that would be fun for you. 🙂
    Also, there is a really awesome community light show they do every year about 10 minutes away from your guys’ place (messsage me if you want to know where) that’s free unless you want to donate a can of food to the food bank, and they hand out candy canes.
    Or you could hand out mistletoe.
    Did you get a tree yet? One of mine and hubby’s favorite traditions is when we (used to) go camping twice a year at that spot that’s now being developed, we’d stop by this touristy town on the way and pick up a Christmas ornament. Our tree now has great memories of years gone by.
    Or maybe you could find a favorite movie to watch every year, or take pics for cards, or reuse the candy cane garland every year…
    I have like a bazillion ideas. 😀

  2. I know this post is from awhile ago, but I’m just catching up on some reading! Anyway, you have rats?! How cool! We used to have rats and they are the sweetest pets. 🙂

    • We do! These two are the most skittish, scared little girls I’ve ever had but they’re still super sweet. It took months but they’re finally okay with us holding them. Also, at that same moment, I’ve managed to develop a horrible allergy to them and I break out in hives when I hold them. It’s a mixed bag.

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