What to Wear for Rainy Days

I’m going to start with a quick note about how jealous I am that it’s snowing for some of you. I wish this was a what to wear for the snow post! Although I’d probably wear almost the identical outfit, albeit a thicker coat and cotton tights.

When I was a freshman in college I remember this crazy awesome free spirit who was a year older than me. She was wearing a short skirt with tights one day when it was raining and I remember calling out to her, teasing her for no pants on such a blustery day. She gracefully retorted that tights dry faster than pants anyway.

And thus my fashion was born. Seriously, guys, up till then I wanted to be someone who wore skirts. I wanted to be someone who dressed the way they felt no matter who was staring or judging. I wanted to be someone a lot more free than I was. Instead I was someone who wore jeans and tshirts, mostly black, with a black jacket. College really was when I started my journey with self confidence–dressing the way I wanted, letting myself let go of all the fears and anxieties that revolve around ‘fitting in’.

Besides, tights really do make sense for the rain. They dry faster. This is my I’m going to catch up my word count a bit outfit. I’m walking through the very rainy weather to go to Starbucks and I’m hunkering down. Time to write.

Wish me luck, and you guys should totally check out these great ladies for their What to Wear posts. Especially Lisa’s from Not Ladylike, because her excuse is adorable.

Sondra: Abhaya Yoga

14 thoughts on “What to Wear for Rainy Days

  1. Eeep, I love those tights!!!
    It’s so weird to think of you ever wearing anything than what you do now. Black jeans and t-shirts? I’m glad you have found the confidence to wear what you want depending on how you feel. The world would be such a boring place otherwise!
    Happy writing! 🙂

    • Those tights are totally two different pairs layered. Because I’m so awesome. And back in the day I wasn’t even cool enough for black jeans–boring blue jeans with black shirts.

  2. I’m with Violet on this one. I want those tights. They are beautiful. Such a great colour and pattern.

    I think I’ve really grown into my own style in the last few years. During my early university years I wore a lot of skater t-shirts and jeans. Then during my master’s I moved into tops that were more flowy and bit girlier. In the last few years, I’ve started wearing more dresses and tights and skirts and a lot more colour. I’ve also now found skinny jeans that fit, so I’ve been wearing them to death.

    I think you have great style now. I’m glad you saw that girl in the blustery cold walking in tights. It did wonders for your fashion sense. 😉

    • I definitely owe that chick quite a bit, don’t I? I love how style evolves. Especially when it’s allowed to be an organic growth of self expression. The clothes I wear fit me now, the way the clothes I wore back then fit me then.

  3. I wishwishwish I were ballsy enough to go into even *somewhat* cold-ish weather wearing anything other than pants. I think the Arizonan in me just can’t deal with wearing tights in anything other than sunny and warm weather…

    However, today it is rainy in San Francisco, and I’m wearing leggings… just under jeans. Does that count? :[

    (ps you’re adorbs)

    • For wintery cold days I’ll layer thermal leggings underneath colored tights and that keeps me pretty warm, especially since I layer up the cotton knits up top. But it helps that it never gets super cold in this area–degrees in the twenties are a rarity

  4. I have actually just in the last couple of years started dressing to reflect my insides….and I am WAY older than you! So kudos that you have started figuring it out so young!

    I do love those tights, and I totally agree that tights are best in most if not all weather. I often get strange comments/looks when people see me in my tights in the super cold, windy & snowy weather up here. To them I say: “So what!? I look damn awesome! HA!”

  5. Love this outfit, I’ve been looking for a stripeskirt/dress for a long time now haha! And indeed, there’s nothing wrong with wearing tights when it’s cold out/when it rains.

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