The Lines of Acceptance

Body acceptance is my favorite hot topic on the internets. So many bloggers make it their mission to promote healthy perspectives of beauty, full of love and acceptance. Despite it all, though, we all have random things we like to hide. No matter how much anyone proclaims to love their own appearance and feel comfortable in their own skin, there’s always still one or two things creeping in the background that they’re rather not admit to.

I work hard on liking my own body. It’s hard for me to feel comfortable in my own skin, but I work on it. I may not be happy with my size, but I’m grateful that I have a body that works mostly properly, takes me places and bikes me everywhere I need it to. What I’ll never own up to liking, or accepting, though are my cold sores. I’ve had them for as long as I can remember, although my mouth breaks out much less than it used to. They used to plague me a couple times a year, but now the last one was three years ago. Woot! Still, though, my mouth is broken out with a new and gross cold sore. So till that heals and goes away, I’m skipping over the body acceptance and pulling up my scarf whenever a camera is nearby.


8 thoughts on “The Lines of Acceptance

  1. Seriously! I get them too, and I was just absolutely MORTIFIED when I was a kid/teenager any time I’d get one (which was usually twice a year, normally when seasons changed). They calmed down in the last few years – I’ve only had one in the last 3 years, too! – but you bet your butt I’ve got Abreva on hand any time temperatures shift. That may or may not be an accurate connection, but… well, you’re not alone. I’m all about trying to accept myself, but goddamn, cold sores are the bane of my existence and make me wanna crawl under a rock for 3 days until the worst part passes.

    • Thank you for getting it 🙂 They are the friggin’ worse. And yeah, like every school picture of me when I was little has a cold sore memorialized. My big trigger is stress, and I used to be super freaked at the thought of getting a cold sore for pictures, which would manifest as an actual one, which would fuel my anxiety for the next year. Ugh.

      • Hm, interesting… I was a pretty stressed-out kid all the time, so I don’t particularly connect stress to the cold sores per se, but I wouldn’t count it out. Especially considering my last one was around the time my last relationship ended. That’s shitty about the school-photo cycle — that’s some nightmare shit right there! Can’t imagine having that appear as an annual accessory to every set of school pictures. 😦

  2. I haven’t had one in years, but I have had a few in my day. They are terrible. It’s impossible not to be self conscious with a sore on your face. It’s worse than a pimple because there are so many connotations connected to a cold sore. It’s like immediately you are this infected person.

    Good on you for being brave enough to even post about them, even if you’re hiding your face.

    • Thanks–I don’t feel too brave talking about it since I’m still hiding my face, but I knew some reason was going to be required for my complete lack of full face photos for another week or so.

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  4. Please see my post “Stop Cold Sores Before They Break Out” for a quick remedy. My bottom lip was chapped last night and I didn’t want to get up to put something on it. Sure enough this morning there was one little bump that was beginning to swell. I knew what to do, and it has already cleared up completely. Hope it works as well for you.

    • Thanks for the advice–I actually have a really foolproof method, the only problem with this one was that I was asleep when my lip started to break out. So I just woke up with a ready made blister. Definitely lame, but it happens 🙂

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