Book Review: Ready Player One

Months ago I encouraged David to take this book home with us after we browsed a bookstore. He’s kind of a goofball like that because he’s an avid reader but he always feels guilty buying books. He protests the buying of new books for himself. Says something about already having too many at home to read. Basically, I don’t understand his logic at all. Anyway, he read the book and loved it. It was totally right up his alley with the massive amounts of 80s references. I asked if I should read it and he hesitated, so I opted to work through my own list for a bit. It was actually when I saw that my sister had read and loved it that I finally decided to pick the book up and take it for a whirl.

Such a good decision! I’ll admit–the epic amount of 80s nostalgia didn’t hold the same level of sway with me, but it also didn’t leave me in the dust, feeling like reference after reference was flying above my head. The character was pretty likeable as well as multi-dimensional. Some parts were a bit formulaic and even bordering contrived, but on the whole it was written strongly enough for enjoyment. I think where there were weaknesses in the strength of the story, it was compensated by the impressively intricate details of 80s pop culture.

The book only took me a couple days to devour, and while I’ve always been a fairly fast reader, I don’t imagine it’ll take more than a week or so for someone who’s into the plot. Enjoy! Anyone else out there read it? For those who did, are you as disappointed at the size of Will Wheaton’s cameo? I heard about it before I read it, and I expected it to be larger. For those who haven’t read it: it’s not very big.


2 thoughts on “Book Review: Ready Player One

    • It’s pretty heavy in the gaming nostalgia, but I think it’s still a lot of fun for those who didn’t obsessively play arcade games as well.

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