What to Wear to Family Dinner

There are two golden rules when it comes to what I wear to family dinners*. It needs to be comfortable, and it needs to look a little dressy. My dad’s get togethers are always semi-formal, even if it’s just my sister and I who come over. I almost always get a phone call from my sister letting me know what she’s going to wear so I can style appropriately. Or I get a call from her letting me know she wants to dress casually so please-for-the-love-of-god-don’t-wear-a-skirt-like-always. Sometimes I listen. Last night my sister had my dad, stepmom, David and I over to celebrate my dad’s birthday, which was a couple weeks ago when they were out of town. It was a semi formal event and I don’t have pictures of my outfit, but I do have photos of what I wore during the day!

/longest rambling intro ever

I swapped out the shorts for a pleated foral mini skirt and felt very French the whole time. I love this shirt–I found it on a recent shopping trip with my sister and I wear it all the time.  Fatal flaw–my sister is cold-blooded and freakishly cold, so her place is always a blazing furnace. I wore the fleece leggings and wanted to die of heat stroke after about twenty minutes. And that’s only a partial exaggeration.

To see what everyone else wore, check out the links below!

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*In this case I’m using my dad’s side of the family,  which incudes my stepmom, because that was the most recent family dinner I attended


8 thoughts on “What to Wear to Family Dinner

    • Thanks 🙂 It’s been my go-to easy look for a while, although I still remember the very first day I did it, feeling bold and brave like I was breakin’ all them fashion rulez. I can’t remember a particular instance of seeing you wear the combo on your blog, but I will say it always works better in my world when I mix shorts with opaque tights or leggings. It feels off if I wear tights that are more sheer.

    • Thanks! I’ll admit, I’m pretty in love with my shorts + tights combo. It’s perfect for a more relaxed day while still having a put-together feel.

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