Real Life Color Inspiration

So I’ve mentioned before briefly that I like taking photos sometimes just for the color matching they inspire. This was a shot I grabbed in my old town before The Big Move, and it’s stuck with me. I love the colors in it. I keep waiting for the right time to bust them out and I try not to be too impatient. My day will come–I know it will. So when ย I was at a department store, though, and I totally ย saw they had a kid’s shirt with the identical colors, I knew I was being robbed. It was identical, guys. I feel like I should be royalties.


One thought on “Real Life Color Inspiration

  1. LoL. I hate to break it to you, but this color combo has been in vogue for awhile. It was THE color combo for retro Christmas cards a couple years ago, and you’ll see it come up in cute kitchen sets. It’s one of my very favorite color combos. Actually, I not-so-secretly think the color turquoise goes well with pretty much any color. Scratch that; it DOES go well with ANY color. Trying to think of an exception and can’t do it, for the life of me. It was an answer I gave for an interior design question at a home decor store. I have to say that answer was what got me the job. ๐Ÿ™‚

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