A Post Is Probably In Order

It’s been a couple days since my last one, so yeah it figures. A lot of my writing has been devoted to NaNoWriMo, and lately an excess words that spill over from that endeavor have been more for my private, paper-bound journal, not the blog.  Overall, though, life is good. Watching as David looks at me and smiles, listening to him say how much he loves our life, it’s a good feeling.

Feeling a bit more secure now that employment has been secured, at least temporarily, it’s a good feeling.

Knowing that my body is healthy enough to bike the 8-mile round trip commute to my new job is also a really good feeling. This isn’t part of the commute–I just really loved the photo. It’s an overpass I found on an exploration bike ride. It stretches over eight lanes of pure freeway, and at the mid point I’ll admit to being a bit freaked out. Looking back, though, it’s easy to imagine I traveled to an entirely different world. The modern route to Narnia or Wonderland.

Knowing my family is close by and supportive is also a good feeling. My mom and I have always been ridiculously close, so the nearby proximity is nice. It means we have breakfast dates more often, and we have a ritual of sharing a pancake at breakfast places. This one in particular is at our favorite joint in Seattle, where the proper order of pancakes turns up one that tastes like it was made with waffle cone batter. Yum.

This crate was with a bunch that turned into my fashion post’s back drop. I’m sure there’s some normal, down to earth explanation, but I personally like to imagine this crate  carrying 86 cramped, squished Magi to a new world. Maybe they were being secreted in, away from the world where magic is contained, to slowly infiltrate our world. And that’s how stories are born, folks.


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