What to Wear on Halloween

I think the best thing, hands down, about being in a relationship is obvious.


I’m not kidding even a little bit. It’s my favorite thing about dating someone. Coordination at its  best. I think there’s something about having another person dress up in the same mindframe as you that lends an extra boost of believability. I mean, I like my costume this year, but it’s a little hard for even fans to pick up right away on its own.

Wig: Goodwill | Headband light & Shirt: DIY | Skirt: Kensi | Tights: Buffalo Exchange & Macy’s (Gift) | Boots: Fred Meyer

For those who need the nerdtastic explanation, I decided to go as Time And Relative Dimension In Space, trapped in the form of a police telephone box. In a Gaiman-esque twist, I’ve been given a human form (again, and willingly this time) for a night of sillyness and candy. I’m the TARDIS, and what is a TARDIS without her Doctor?

David had way too much fun with this costume, and it was so easy to put them all together. I’ve been trying to get him to wear a bowtie for ages, and apparently his geeked out love of the Doctor was just the trick. He refuses to surplant his (epic) tie collection with bow ties, but he has admitted he likes them, and will start incorporating them in his everyday work wardrobe! Yay!

Check out the rest of the awesome costumes of those participating by clicking on the links below!

Sondra: Abhaya Yoga
Adriana: Horses of Ares

10 thoughts on “What to Wear on Halloween

  1. I have to admit- I’ve never watched Dr. Who but my husband would love this 🙂 You guys look awesome, even without seeing the show! I’ve actually never done a couples costume before!

    • Thanks! It was definitely a lot of fun to think up. I don’t get into a lot of the cheese-fest coupley things, but couples costumes is definitely where my heart is at!

  2. LOL I thought couples costumes were the best thing EVER… until I had babies and thought FAMILY COSTUMES! heheh but this year was an epic fail! hahah I procrastinated about the girls costume until Halloween morning. Wanted to do a circus theme with me as the ring leader/lion tamer, Olivia as a Lion, Dylan as a clown or trapezer and the Hubby as the strong man. ALAS couldn’t find Dylan anything yesterday morning, and between tantrums and no naps it was hell for me driving around town with two cranky babies! Also my husband had to meet up with us as he got off work late!

    • That sounds like a super awesome Halloween idea, such a pity it didn’t work. I think that having a little one to coordinate costumes with would definitely trump just couples costumes, except they see a little volatile. As your experience shows. I have every intention of dressing my baby up all the time, regardless of Halloween. They make the cutest little outfits for babies!

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