The Fall of the Towers

Some books are full of those well-timed meetings of random characters to fuel the story along. In this, though, the connections worked. It wasn’t as if the author was inventing fiction and creating, but rather that he was recording an event he witnessed and was pointing out the important, relevant parts to the listener.

I love reading Delany, mostly because he’s everything I imagine the sixties had. He writes paragraphs that read like an acid trip and he has a 60s-based obsession with what happens after The Bomb, which is the best basis for a writer delving into post-apocalypse story telling. In my opinion. He’s even full of this beautiful and probably misplaced hope; that the recognition of humanity in others is the act that can save an individual, and therefore all of us. I read his book Dhalgren a while back, which is an entire story by itself, but that book was enough to make me want to poke further into his works. I’m so glad I wasn’t disappointed with The Fall of the Towers.

The only complaint I have is fairly petty, but it does tend to feel like a gaping literary weakness when you have your built-in narrator spell out a recap of the last third of the book when the reader is only a mere twenty pages from the end. That seems almost like a failure on the editor’s part, but it was still a bit of a fail.

Any other Delany fans out there? I’d love to know what you think of him! He’s definitely a fun read, but you have to be a bit invested. Nova is next on my list for him, and I’m pretty stoked. Also, small piece of trivia for the day? Him and I totally share a birthday. Woot April Fool babies!

The Fall of the Towers | Sam Delany | 9.18.12 – .9.28.12


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