Day of the Dead Skulls DIY

Ugh this is the last time I’m losing a stupid first paragraph! I have really no clue what I keep doing. Anyway, a while back Stephanie Marie posted about these awesome mini sugar skull boxes. I pretty much loved them to pieces, so when Kim asked me to help decorate for her & Kels’ Halloween party, my idea was a no brainer. I opted for the black paper version, and I figured I’d share my process with you guys.

They were fun to make and if it would be really easy to string up as a garland. We were in more of a “randomly stick them to walls” mode, so I didn’t, but it’d still be easy. And they’re easy to make!

I sketched out my templates and cut them out of the thickest paper I had on hand (don’t laugh, but it was paint samples). You can find a ton online, though, with a simple google search. Outline the skulls onto your black paper and cut them out. I used the x-acto knife to cut out the eyes and mouth holes before cutting out the skulls themselves. Seems silly, but it’s a lot easier to use an x-acto knife on biggger pieces of paper than the smaller skull sizes.

Then, for the best part, play with the designs! I think that’s why I like the sugar skull imagery so much–there’s an endless stream of designs for the subject matter, and it’s as bottomless as your imagination. Beautiful. You can look online for inspiration, like I did for some, or just let your imagination go wild, which I did for others.

Enjoy! And if you guys make things, you should totally share with the rest of the class. I wanna see!


4 thoughts on “Day of the Dead Skulls DIY

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  2. Those are great! I kept having the same problem with the first paragraphs disappearing. I’ve found the way to fix it is to put your cursor at the end of what you write and click save draft. If the cursor is anywhere else, it erases your first paragraph (at least that’s what consistently happens with me). Hope that helps!

    • Thanks. Yeah I think I’m just being absent minded and not paying attention to where the cursor is when I type after I import a photo. Glad you like them!

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