Boredom + Internet + Nail Polish

I was dicking around on the internet yesterday. Well, every day, really, because man oh man do I need a job, but anyway. I saw Buzzfeed’s 31 Insanely Easy & Clever DIY Projects. Few of them grabbed my attention, but I latched onto idea number 7 and went to town with my keys. Because here’s the thing, guys. I have a lot of keys.

Painting them with nail polish was a lot easier than I originally thought it would be. The only really obnoxious bit of trouble I ran into was holding three not-yet-dry keys and having to pee like a mofo. There is no good way to set down wet, polish-covered keys.

It was fun, though. All the different keys are coded specifically for their destination. Now I don’t have to keep them all segregated on different key rings! Woot! And hey, maybe I’ll even keep track of them this way!

Oh and funny story–the purple and yellow key? I completed forgot what its purpose was until this little crafting adventure. ย My bike has this nifty locking feature on the back wheel and I keep a spare key on my ring just in case someone decides to be a dick or something.ย The back tire is unlocked as long as the key is inserted–removing it locks the wheel.


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