The Long Lost Rambling

I recently started reading Kalaeh Bee and loved her honest to blog posts. I actually wrote a complete stream of conscious post a few hours ago that started with talking about my lunch of cheese and crackers and then evolved into talking about the beautiful path behind my new home.  There was an entire anecdote tucked in there but then I tried to add a photo to make the post less boring and the entire thing disappeared.

So true story, I’m with one of the most patient creatures ever. David has this long standing habit of saying nothing whenever I push him for a character trait of mine that bugs him. This is probably due in large part to the fact that I’m ridiculously high maintenance and he likes avoiding fights, but still. There was only one time he admitted to it, and it was in the middle of a pretty rough fight. He told him (and this almost verbatim) that sometimes it was a little irritating the way I tend to forget my keys a lot. He said it in the mildest way possible, but it stuck. In fact, when it came back up (like a year later), he took the most typical of David responses–he denied it. He said it didn’t bother him at all when I lose my keys, that he thinks it’s funny. It’s something his mom does and he spent years watching his dad be the one who kept track of her random things, so he laughed at his inability to escape such a small little quirk.

That was the end of my year-long stint of working hard to keep track of my keys. The realization that his love for me is far from dependent on my ability to keep track of keys was a very reassuring one.

Now, though, whenever we leave the house, I am in a really good habit of asking him if he has his keys. He always does, which is good since I sure don’t!


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