Book Reading Disclaimers

I’m excited to share some posts about books I’ve read. I learned a few years ago that the best way for me to remember all the books I read and have some semblance of an ability to regurgitate the information when necessary, I have to write down my impressions. So I keep a book journal, where I record the title, author, start & finish date, and my impressions. It’s been really useful and from that there are a few books that I love sharing about.

Before all of that, though, there are three main aspects I think are important to understanding who I am as a reader.

First, I don’t have a problem not finishing a book. I know bibliophiles run strongly in one of two ways regarding the matter, so I think it’s important you know. If I don’t like a book, I’ll put it down. I mean, sure, sometimes I’ll hate a book but I’ll insist on reading it the whole way through. Usually I find a good reason at the end for why I felt the need to finish it. Usually, though, if I’m not into a book, I’ll just put it back down.

Second, I’m a little sibling. I have one sister who’s two years older than me, and this is a life experience that provides more than a sufficient excuse to about ninety percent of the quirks for which I need excuses. A non comprehensive list of such quirks include my adorably passive aggressive behavior, my refusal to do others’ chores, my desire to always sit in the front seat, my reluctance to ever tell people I want to sit in the front seat, and my unfortunate tendency to become rather mule headed once told “Oh no one can do ____”. That last point tends to be the most relevant to my reading habits.

Third, I will judge a book by its cover. Don’t lie, because we all do it. I’m not saying that a book’s cover is the end-all-be-all of whether or not I read it, but I am a bit of a design snob, so let’s just leave it at this—if the title font is in Papyrus, I’m probably not reading more than the cover.


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