Art Project Journal Update

I posted a while back about a fun art journal project that Janel over at IHeartRunsWithScissors hosted. It was only supposed to take 30 days, and I got most of mine done in like 60-ish days. But anyway, here are some more. I’m as done with those prompts as I imagine I ever will be.

I believe in ____

Happiness is ______

If you could scream anything at the top of your lungs, what would it be?

My roles are _____

Alter an image

free choice

It was a lot of fun, and I think I’ll have to go back to filling in some of the posts I’ve skipped. Since then it’s evolved a bit, though. I mentioned a while back on my fashion blog about how my mom, sister and I have met up a couple times to do craft night. I’ve turned my sketchbook into an extended art journal, and I have fun coming up with prompts. Some are nonsensical, and mostly just me filling out an entire page of doodles like the first one (although it’s still unfinished). The second one is when I had a rough, rough weekend and was feeling a bit beat up, so I gave myself a nice prompt.


This is why I rock


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