Unfinished & Perfect

acrylic, ink, glitter, & cutouts

A little over a year ago, I chose to brand myself with the phrase ‘unfinished & perfect’. There are a lot of opinions regarding tattoos and their placements, but the only one that matters right now is mine, and I’m of the nature that it’s my body, and therefore my choice.

It’s my choice to cement these words into my flesh. More than a choice–it was my gift to my body. It’s the words of an apology, forgiving myself and accepting the past as unchangeable. Those words are the opening refrain to an enveloping motivational chant, reminding me that I am an ever-evolving, ever-changing, and ever-growing person.

But mostly, it has become the opening line to a love letter I’m constantly writing to myself, reminding me that no matter how many scars I collect, mistakes I make, or pits I fall down in, that I am perfect. An ever-growing, ever-changing, perfect person.

If you click on the photo, it takes you to my pin of this on Pinterest. There’s this comment there that always strikes me as bizarre, since she sounds like a n00b art critic.

“the scars make this tattoo interesting”

I’ve never responded (until now, I suppose), but I always wanted to shoot back a snarky “Bitch, my life makes this tattoo interesting” or something. Truth is, the scars are exactly why I have that tattoo. Instead of looking at my arm and seeing nothing but damage, I can see a message of love and forgiveness instead.  My arm doesn’t look like that photo anymore. It’s changed, and so have I. 


6 thoughts on “Unfinished & Perfect

  1. That is exquisite and wonderful. My theater teacher in high school who I still keep in touch with once told me “Life is comprised of three things. Progression, regression, and maintenance.” Your tattoo is a perfect example of that — we are constantly unfinished, we are constantly creating and destroying and recreating, and in all of that change, all of that constant chaos, we are perfect.

    And in regards to that Pinterest comment, you are perfectly right — it’s not the scars, it’s your life and your journey that make that tattoo so profound for you. You are graceful, however, in knowing that they will never truly understand your journey, despite making statements as though they do. Good for you. ❤

    • Thanks for leaving such a sweet message. Your theater teacher had it totally right, even though it’s really hard to remember in the moment.

  2. as one who has watched you from day 1..both from afar and near I have always thought you perfect in your ever changing ways..you have thrilled me in your adventures of both clear and stormy waters…nothing in life worth living is without marking our bodies and souls both good and bad. Continue on…never stop changing and keep dancing with caos…the best song is the one not finished and the picture being painted is always more alluring…scars are no more than scenary from the roadside of our lives journeys…as you so have I them…as many others share those that are seen and those not. You are both beautiful and endlessly facinating…and always loved

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