In The Board Room

*Note: this is what it looks like, unedited. Be gentle, but constructive, if you must.

Sitting in the meeting, she is calm and she is still. With her head leaning at a slight forward angle, and her lids slipping down her eyes, she looks almost half asleep. She’s awake, though, listening to everyone else’s garbled words, translating each letter and placing its data onto a graph etched in her brain, plotting each point behind her muffled ears, until the pattern begins.

It starts to form, a clear cluster, a gradual slope etched out. Her head nods upward, one hand following the motion like a marionette, following the arc of motion to resting still again.

“Well what if…”

And it begins. Her head nods up again, this time with both hands trailing along on their strings. The wave of motion continues this time, though, as her puppeteer hands gain in momentum, circling outward in waves that grow to try to contain her expanding idea, to accommodate the line being driven through the dots.

“…Because if I can just…”

Her eyes are open now, th elides give way to the fierce determination blazing a brilliantly glowing line across the graph. Swooping her hands onward still, her whole odd leans forward to include even the anomalous clusters scattered across the graph. her eyes keep watching for new points appearing, points to be gathered in with her outstretched arms, even the points taller than she that require yogi stretching, straining to reach that final, elusive dot.

Her body pauses, the calm after a heavy exhale.

One hand still raised, grasping tentatively, her other slides in line with her posture, forming to a delicate, gentle curve. Her lids regain their weigh and begin again their descent, shades lowering to keep the blinding glow safely contained.

“Then that would be…”

The hand above her head, reassured that all the plots on the chart are accounted for, categorized, and included, falls gently to her side, folding into her body’s angle. Her chin pulls towards her neck as the strings grow slack and the key waits to be wound once more.


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