Family Portrait

My Mother’s Day card. I’m the awkward gawky one on the far right, my mom’s in the middle, my sister’s on the far left. The animals (from left to right) are Sidney, Lyra, Ginsburg and the cats Sophie and Maddie. My mom is hands down my biggest fan and the one who is a constant force of positive and encouragement in my life. She’s pretty awesome.


2 thoughts on “Family Portrait

  1. I’m in love with this card, as I’m sure your mother was, too! Is it really in a frame, or did you fashion a border on the card to look like a frame? Either way, it’s a great effect!

    • I can answer this better once I’m home, but I used a scrapbooking collection that had fancy, textured paper frames. I’m in love with them and I use frames way more than I should. They’re an addiction. Have I posted my Russian Authors shrine wall? It gives a sense of my addiction to frames.

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