Troubles, J.G Farrell
4.4.12 – 4.22.12

I picked this book up after finishing (what was apparently second in the series) The Siege of Krishnapur. I loved that book, and found that through the recommendation of Tasha from What Would A Nerd Wear. Somehow my brain got jumbled, though, and when I thought all the recommendations were for Siege, they were all for Troubles. So I moseyed over and found myself a copy.

…And didn’t like it nearly as much as Siege of Krishnapur. Which isn’t to say I didn’t like it, but…

The first half felt stuffy and a bit thick. Once I picked up on the (fairly obvious) metaphor about the house, though, the whole book seemed to fall into a similarly snarktasktic rhythm of Siege. This book was written first, and was supposed to be first in the trilogy, which I can see definitely makes sense. Reading this one first prevents you from making too many comparisons to Siege, so you don’t pick up on all the awkward, first-book-growing-pains as Farrell falls into his rhythm.Β  This book was definitely solid, though, and well written.

Since it covers the Ireland during Irish War of Independence and all its accompanying political upheaval, I think my wet and rainy Northwest setting was perfect. Reading it in college coffee shops helps set you in the appropriately underground and revolutionary undertones that are being squelched throughout the book by its main, British characters. Sipping on a hot cup of black tea while listening to the water dripping down your single pane windows is the easiest way to relate to the characters, apart from actually boiling a sheep’s head and leaving the skull under your bathroom sink. Not that you’d want to relate to them, of course.


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