Tape Me Some Pretty Nails

This one was fun, guys. Fresh nail polish ideas are abundant on the internet, so it’s fun to actually put that whole internet-thing to use. I used this tutorial. For the record, I found that tutorial through one of my favorite blogs-to-stalk, The Dainty Squid. I have a ridiculously silly fangirl crush on that chick, and her weekly nails are ones I plan on copying for this endeavor.

Oh, also, you’ll have to excuse the silly hand positioning, but right before my friend took the photo I realized I had the woman I volunteer with’s number on my hand, and it would be so so so so a breach of confidentiality to share that with the world!

So the tutorial itself kind of blew my mind–using scotch tape for as DIY stickers is just…well, it’s mind blowing. I did learn a couple things, though

First, don’t be impatient waiting for the top coat to dry. I know, I know, common sense, right? Wrong. Clearly I lack common sense. Exhibit A–my thumb.

Also, maybe don’t try to put light colors on top of dark colors. It’s another color-basics skill that I seem to lack, but I thought it’d look good. I’m not disappointed with my nails, but I think the light on dark showed off the opaque level of polish I was using. I did put three or four coats on the tape, but a fifth is probably necessary if I want to layer light on dark.

For the record, I did a quick touch up with a hot pink by Sally Hansen almost identical to the original Sinful Colors one I used, and that worked better. So maybe it was the nail polish quality itself.

Nail Polishes: Chinchilly & Adore-A-Ball from Essie, Top Coat from Sally Hansen’s X-treme Wear collection, Boogie Nights from Sinful Colors


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