Oh yes. Yes, I’m one of those people who enjoy adding the phrase “tastic” to the ends of various nouns. And this meal I made the other day? Better believe it was food-tastic! It’s totally not anywhere near allergy-friendly, nor is it really Marci’s-Broken-Stomach-friendly, but it was taste-bud friendly. and David-friendly. And lunch-the-next-day-friendly. But not lunch-the-day-after-the-next-day-friendly. Not at all.


So without further ado…

I used this recipe, and it was pretty spectacularly easy. If you click on the link, yes, I changed the recipe drastically by not using almost anything she recommended, but I think it’s the process that counts.

Also? I found adding toothpicks to the top fold to keep it all in place helps. It helps a lot. Pear and brie didn’t keep for very long, so David and I had to eat it pretty friggin’ fast, but that wasn’t too hard. Since it was delicious.


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