Don’t Bee A Grumble Bumble

So this is a running theme between my boyfriend (/roommate), D, and I. It started when he was still in school, finishing up his last quarter. He was super grumbly about some assignment, and I could only take so much. I left the coffee shop we were camping out at on the pretext of a phone call with my mom. I whined to her about how grumbly he was, she laughed, I felt better and went back inside. I found a note (if I can find the original, I’ll totally update this post to share it!) with a messy and adorable little sketch of a bumble bee with a bear head, and a note saying he’s a grumble bumble. D apologized for being so snappy. It was adorable and all was forgiven. D’s little cartoon has resurfaced whenever one of us is just being a little too obnoxious, and it’s a good safe way to tell the other one to take a chill pill.


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